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Agiled is an all-in-one business management platform that combines many different features from CRM and HRM to finances and project management.

Built by ZTabs Digital Solutions and launched in January, 2020, Agiled has gained quite some traction and nice reviews on G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra.

Asad Ali, the CEO of Agiled is also a co-founder and current CTO of ZTABS, while both companies are registered in Houston, Texas in the United States.

You may have stumbled upon this software partly because of its very affordable prices. Agiled offers three plans, Basic, Pro, and Premium. The first plan comes for free, the second one costs $7.99/user/month, while the Premium one costs $11.99/user/month.

In this article, we’ll do our best to analyze Agiled pricing in detail, do some calculations on the costs of using this software, compare that against its features and ease of use, to finally conclude whether Agiled is worth it.

Let’s see if Agiled’s low prices come with high quality!

Agiled Plans And Pricing

Even though there are just three plans available in Agiled, the differences between them get quite complicated.

Below, you’ll see the differences between Agiled’s plans divided into five categories, CRM, Finances, Productivity, Essentials, and Add-ons.


Contacts2 clients
100 leads
Deals Pipelines13
Forms1 form
Up to 100 submissions


Time Trackingunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Timesheet Invoice✔️✔️
Events1 even type
30 minute limit


InvoicesUp to 5unlimitedunlimited
ExpensesUp to 5 per month✔️✔️
Credit Notes✔️✔️


Files500 MB100 GBunlimited
IntegrationsCalendarCalendar, Email, PaymentsAll
Premium Integrations✔️✔️
Custom SMTPAdd-on✔️
Custom domainAdd-on✔️
Email Templates✔️✔️✔️
Remove Agiled Branding✔️✔️
Custom Theme✔️✔️
Client Portal Customization✔️✔️
Team SchedulingAdd-on✔️
Email Accounts12
Calendar Connections126
White LabelingAdd-on✔️


Additional Automations$1
Additional Pipelines$1
Additional Storage$1/1GB
Additional Calendars$1
Additional Email Accounts$5

*Prices per user, per month

How Much Does Agiled Cost?

Monthly Billing

If we decide to subscribe to Agiled on a monthly basis, we’re going to pay $9.99 per user, per month for the Pro plan and $14.99 per user, per month for the Premium plan.

The yearly Agiled cost comes out to be $119.88 and $179.88 respectively for the two paid plans, for one user.

Annual Billing

Choosing annual billing in Agiled lets us save roughly 20% on both Pro and Premium plans.

So, the Pro plan comes out to be $95.88 per user, per year ($7.99/month), while the Premium plan will cost us $143.88 per user, per year ($11.99/month).

Is There A Free Trial?

Agiled does offer a free trial for both paid plans, Pro and Premium.

The free trial lasts 14 days and does not force us to share our credit card details. Once the trial period is over, the account goes back to the free Basic plan, unless we decide to subscribe to one of the paid plans.

Agiled Features And Ease Of Use

Since there’s quite a lot of features in Agiled, we’re going to make it a bit easier and divide them into a few categories.

Category #1: CRM

So the CRM portion of Agiled starts off with a Dashboard where you can get a quick overview of your sales, deals, latest actions, total revenue, and the number of your clients.

Next we have the Accounts and Contacts tabs, which we were a bit confused about at first. But a quick visit to the Agiled’s help center helped us learn that it’s actually a place to add our client’s information into the CRM.

The difference between the two is that Contacts are for regular clients, while the Accounts tab is for other companies or departments we’re doing business with. You can then connect added Contacts, even multiple ones with a specific Account added.

A bit more exciting part of Agiled’s CRM is the Deals tab that lets us create different sales pipelines and then add our ‘deals’ as sales opportunities inside those pipelines. Again, we had to hop into the help center to find some clues as to what the Deals tab is all about, but once we read about it, it came out okay.

Agiled Pricing - Deals feature

Then there’s the Tickets tab that lets you create tickets for your clients. Unfortunately, as simple as this sounds, this tab proved to be very difficult to use. For example, to add agents to your tickets, you have to first find the Ticket Settings, add your agents there, and only then can you add a specific agent to your ticket, even though they have been added as agents to the software.

We also had trouble editing the existing ticket, because there appears to be no saving button. On top of all that, finding the option to change the ticket status was also pretty painful. And no, in this case, the help center articles didn’t help.

Agiled Tickets Feature

And lastly, we have the Forms tab that makes it possible to create different kinds of forms using a drag & drop editor or a custom CSS form editor. The editor was pretty promising, you can customize quite a lot and you can edit the fields easily.

Agiled Form Builder

But the final result is a bit disappointing, not looking too professional for all the customization possibilities. What we do appreciate is that you get both an embedding code and a separate link to the form to share with your clients or leads.

Agiled Form Builder Results

We also have to mention that the built-in CRM in Agiled, is unfortunately not the most agile CRM out there. Because of the feature overload, the tool is quite slow actually.

Category #2: Client Portal

Now moving onto the client portal available in Agiled.

Agiled’s client portal makes it possible for your clients to log in onto your platform and have access to different documents, their projects, your products, their payments, and more.

Now onto how things actually work in this portion of the software.

The projects tab on the client’s end works quite well. Your customers can check on the progress of their project and share additional files or information.

They can also submit tickets in the Tickets tab and view their previous requests quite easily.

As for the documents, they can view their invoices, contracts, proposals, and estimations.

They can also access their subscriptions and view the Products tab to purchase additional products from your offer.

But what we want to highlight here is that you need to really take care of completing your platform with information and different settings before inviting your clients to work with you in Agiled’s client portal.

Otherwise, your client portal may not be working as expected.

A good example of this is that if you don’t add a Category in the Projects tab, your clients won’t be able to submit a new discussion, i.e., a new comment thread within projects, at all.

Agiled Pricing Features Comparison

Because of that, we believe that Agiled’s client portal needs a bit more work to be more intuitive and for the quality to keep up with how extensive it is. Because there are a lot of features, but not all of them live up to the expectations.

Category #3: Client & Team Communication

When it comes to client and team communication, Agiled decided to work it out via a simple chat that lets you send messages to both your clients and your team members. 

But even though that sounds simple, there are a few complications.

First of all, you won’t be able to use the chat feature unless you head to settings, find the chat settings, and tick the options to allow for chatting with clients and team members.

And we’ve only learned about this through a help center article we’ve stumbled upon quite randomly. The software itself doesn’t guide you in the direction of settings, the chat just doesn’t work unless you tick those settings.

Another thing we don’t really like is the fact that the messages in the chat appear in reversed order. Meaning that the newest messages go at the very top, while the oldest ones go at the very bottom.

Agiled Chat Example

We don’t want to keep nagging but, when we say that the Agiled chat feature is simple, we mean it. You can only send messages. There’s no way to attach any files while using this Messenger-like tool.

It’s also a bit slow, which forced us to double-click the sending message button, which in turn made the message show up twice.

But still, many similar tools don’t even bother to take any step towards client or team communication, leaving such an important area blank, that we still have to applaud Agiled for trying and for giving us something. If you don’t mind these malfunctions, you may find the chat feature to suffice your needs.

Category #4: Team Management

On top of the CRM and client portal access, Agiled also has a whole HRM, Human Resource Management tab with quite a few features available.

But most importantly, you can manage your team members’ details, create teams, take a peek at their attendance, holiday leave, sick leave, and manage their payments and salary.

Your team members on the other hand can track their working time and connect it to specific projects.

Everything seems fine, of course, provided that your team will be clocking in and tracking and logging in their working time. If that’s not done meticulously, the payroll may not be calculated correctly.

Category #5: Project Management

Project management in Agiled software is again, quite heavily complex. It’s hard to even summarize it in a few sentences. But we’ll try our best.

So, you can create and manage projects, connect projects with team members, get an overview of its essential details, set deadlines, set budgets, add and update tasks and milestones, and follow the completion of the project.

But that’s not all.

You can also view the project on a Gantt chart and a burndown chart that are automatically filled by Agiled as you complete the different details of the project.

You can add workflows, but of course you need to create them first in the Workflows tab, otherwise you won’t be able to add anything to your project.

Both you and your customers can also start discussions within projects, but as was already mentioned, you have to first add the discussion categories on your end, in order for this feature to work.

The projects tab also allows you to access estimations, proposals, invoices, wikis, and submit tickets.

Whew. That was a lot.

And if you feel intimidated just reading about it, we feel you. Agiled is pretty complex.

Category #6: Sales & Finances

Moving forward, we’re now going to talk a bit about Agiled’s possibilities when it comes to sales and financial management.

And surprise, surprise, there are about a gazillion features in those areas as well.

So let’s go through the most important ones or the ones that have caught our attention.

We want to start by saying that Agiled offers a separate dashboard for the Finances tab, which we actually like, because it doesn’t get mixed up with all the other features and numbers.

Coming to actual features, you can create all sorts of financial documents, including invoices, estimations, and proposals, which all work simple enough.

The Finances tab also makes it possible to track your expenses and to manually register payments from clients and associate them with specific projects, so that it automatically appears in the Projects tab.

But what we want to highlight here are the Subscriptions and Products features.

The Subscriptions tab allows you to create different subscription plans that your clients can later on commit to. There are quite a few settings here to add. For example, you can change the billing cycle from weekly, monthly, to yearly.

You can offer a free trial for the subscription, choose when the subscription should expire or if it should automatically renew. You can even add a setup fee for your customers to cover if the subscription requires it.

Agiled Subscriptions

And besides the fact that some things weren’t as intuitive as we’d like, the subscription creator seems to be serving its purpose well enough.

Until we’ve discovered some major flaws. Better fasten your seatbelts.

Okay, so we’ve told you that you can create subscriptions and yes, you can. But let’s take a closer look at how your clients can actually subscribe to your services. 

So you can share the subscriptions you’ve created with your customers in two ways. You can either share a public link to the subscription checkout page or send the subscription proposition via email.

But we have a few things to say about the checkout page. First of all, it’s only valid once. Meaning that you can’t share that subscription link to use twice. Instead, you have to create a whole new subscription.

Which takes us to the point that the subscriptions you create have to be connected with a specific client. There’s no way to create a subscription type and use it for a different client. You have to create the same type of subscription each time for different customers.

Plus, a few other things weren’t exactly working properly. For example, you can in theory add a trial period to your subscription, but there’s no way for the client to actually see if the trial period is even added or how long it lasts. It’s not visible on the invoice nor in the client portal’s Subscriptions section.

Only once you send out a payment reminder for a subscription with a free trial, the due date to pay that invoice changes, but in our case, even the due date came up to be mixed up, showing the date to be 31.11.0001. We don’t have a time machine just yet, unless Agiled provides one with their service?

Okay, let’s leave the poor subscriptions alone.

Moving on to Products you can create and sell in Agiled. You’ll actually find the Products tab in the Essentials section, rather than the Finance section. Luckily, we didn’t encounter any problems here.

You can basically add your products or services to Agiled filling out just 4 tabs. So you type in the name of the product, fill out the description field, add the price, and specify the tax. Lastly, you have to tick one box that specifies whether or not your clients will be able to purchase the product or service you’re adding.

Once everything’s done, you’re going to see all the added products in a simple list.

Your clients however, once they log in to Agiled and click on the Products tab, they’ll be able to purchase the products you’ve added on their client portal. After clicking Purchase Product, a kind of invoice creator appears where the client adds the products/services they’d like to order and specify the amount as well. Once that’s done, they’ll be able to see the invoice for those products or services and complete their payment.

As for payments, you can connect your Agiled platform with PayPal, Stripe, or a bank account for manual payments.

Agiled Pros And Cons

Having gone through Agiled’s functionality, we can now compile a simple pros and cons list to really sum things up.


  • Many people compliment Agiled and use it because it combines many useful tools together, which carries quite some potential
  • A lot of integrations available
  • Comes off as pretty affordable


  • Because the tool is so big and has so many features, it’s pretty slow and takes a while to load
  • Agiled is extremely unintuitive, there are so many options it leaves you feeling rather overwhelmed than impressed
  • Every tab looks pretty much the same and if you haven’t got any details put into the software just yet, it’s all empty and confusing
Agiled Cons
  • None of the features seem to be fully polished, it almost seems like the creators of Agiled preferred adding 30 different features, but all serving as a very MVP version
  • The design is pretty outdated

Want Something More Simple And Effective? Try Zendo

A lot came up when we got to testing Agiled and even though the software is quite affordable, its flaws may make you consider switching to a different tool.

That’s why we want to give you a quick presentation of a worthy candidate for that position, Zendo.

Zendo is a client portal software that specializes in client and team communication, combined with selling productized, custom, and subscription services online.

This is a software that’s actually been created with the user in mind.

You won’t be confused, because everything is built as simple as possible. Plus, Zendo is pretty pleasant to the eye as well, which leaves you looking professional to your clients.

Zendo's real-time chat

And what we want to highlight here is that this tool is different from the similar solutions, because its main area is built on a chat.

Meaning that the Zendo chat lets you not only communicate with your clients and team members, but also makes it very easy for your clients to pay you, exchange all sorts of files, and view sent quotes, invoices, and payment reminders, all in one place.

A no distraction area like this one, can definitely smooth out your processes and the whole buying journey for your clients.

Another point of advantage for Zendo is the fact that it actually lets you create your services as services, not just as invoices sent out to clients. You get a whole service creator page and a Service Catalog that lists all your created services for your clients to order.

And when it comes to the prices, you won’t be disappointed either.

Zendo comes with three plans, Starter, Growth, and Enterprise.

The Starter plan is a very sweet deal because it comes with all the essential features, including service creation, quotes, invoices, payment reminders, Zendo chat, and more, for free. You can work on this plan with one additional agent at absolutely no cost, forever.

The Growth plan is a paid plan that adds up on the automation and white label features, but also gives you unlimited access to subscriptions. For example, in this plan, you’re getting your invoices to be sent to clients automatically and the option to connect a custom domain, on top of billing your clients automatically in the case of subscriptions. The Growth plan costs $19 per user, per month, when choosing annual billing, and $23 per user, per month, on monthly billing.

And if you dream big and believe that sky’s the limit, you can go ahead and take advantage of the Enterprise plan that’s built custom for you and your business needs!

Affordable Doesn’t Always Mean Good: Final Thoughts On Agiled Pricing

Turns out that a cheap price actually doesn’t go hand in hand with quality. At least in the case of Agiled.

We think that a good conclusion to this article has actually been written by one of Agiled users, who left an insightful review on G2.

Agiled Pricing Conclusion - G2 Review Example

What they said is that they believe that Agiled is a jack of all trades, but a master of none in its current state. And we wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

Agiled proved to have a lot of room for improvement in many areas of its software, despite offering many different features. We were a little disappointed when testing it out, because it does have great potential. So if you don’t mind stumbling upon the flaws here and there, taking your time to learn this big software, and want to have this many features in one place, you may be in for a treat considering its low prices.

But if you’ve been praying for a software that’s actually easy to use, functional, and affordable at the same time, we highly encourage you to try Zedno out!

You’ll get a very professional-looking client portal that lets you create and sell services online with ease. You’ll also be able to communicate with your clients and your team in the best fashion, while also managing your quotes, invoices, subscriptions, and payment reminders. On top of that, Zendo gives you unlimited contacts and client requests.

And remember that you can always test out both tools and then make your decision! It won’t cost you a thing, because both Agiled and Zendo are free to use on their basic plans.

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