Collecting Payments

Collect Payments The Easy Way

Frictionless Payments

Offer the right payment method for your customers. Zendo supports instant payments (powered by Stripe) and bank transfers regardless of the service type.

Define the default payment method per service or adjust it per client needs.


Support credit card payments (instant) with Stripe. For maximum convenience, use the well renowned Stripes’ one step checkout.

Bank Transfer

For customers without access to modern banking, or for large amounts, use bank transfers. That way, you’ll have a fallback for every situation.

Gather Payments Where The Action Happens​

Zendo makes payments as easy as possible. Send Payment Requests right in chat.

You can automate the process — Zendo will autogenerate Payment Request and send it to the customer upon quote creation or approval.

Payment Terms

Easily support different payment terms from up-front to split and on-delivery.

Multiple Payment Requests

Collect multiple payments within one Request. No more creating individual Requests for every payment.


Set the default currency and alter it per Payment Request.


Automatically generate and send invoices to clients upon payment.

Payment Notifications

Let clients know about pending Payment Requests, either through email or in-app & browser notifications.

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