Notifications & Permissions

Stay In Control & Always Know What's Happening​

Get Updates Wherever You Are​

With Zendo’s notification system, your teammates and clients never miss a thing. No more waiting days for an answer or franticly refreshing the site to see if there are any updates.

Zendo’s robust notifications allow you to move quickly and finish the job.


Receive notifications through email. Reply to a notification and send a reply right back to Zendo. We even email Quotes & Invoices as PDFs.


Get real time notifications inside the Zendo app. Stay updated at all times.


With dozens of tabs, it’s easy to get lost — that’s why Zendo supports browser notifications.

Adjust Notifications To Your Needs​

Set default notifications for your teammates and clients separately. Choose from over dozen settings per communication channel.

Give Out Proper Permissions​

You can choose between five roles for your teammates. Each one of them comes with different restrictions so you decide who has access to which information.


Watcher is a free role that cannot interact with the platform but can be added to Requests and access their data.


An Agent is the most fundamental role. They have access to Requests they’ve been assigned to and can perform most of the actions associated with a Request.


The Manager is similar to an Agent, but they also see Requests that they are not assigned to. They can also delete Requests.


Admin can do everything except accessing the financial or workspace settings. 


The Owner can do it all.

You Decide Who Can Join​

Invite customers by email or let them register and submit jobs & Requests through the order forms. You can always revoke access of a user.

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