meltin’Concept – A Success Story

“Zendo attracted us for its simplicity, attention to detail, the level of customization, and the ability to adapt to every need (…). Its flexibility allows you to save several hours of work and increase your Brand Awareness.”
- Massimo Bologna

A lot of service-oriented businesses suffer from cluttered email boxes, confusing communication, or long payment times. Zendo allows you to get rid of that and provides you with a plethora of other useful, yet simple features all in one place! meltin’Concept found out about that.

The Problem

meltin’Concept — a company specializing in brand positioning and developing communication projects that are capable of forming personality, faced countless problems with tangled and distracting communication done via email. 

There were three problems in particular:

  • The large amount of work to manage all requests via email
  • Less transparency in communicating with the customer
  • Having to issue invoices manually every time there was a purchase (beyond waiting for the payment)

Digging through tons of email messages just to find the one you’re looking for can take up a lot of time, especially when you don’t know where to look. Or answering an email just to find out that your teammate has already done so, leaving the client with two replies to one message. It can all get mixed up, and there’s no one to blame but the system.

meltin’Concept grew tired of having to work on email inboxes with limited functions, where you are forced to re-open old email messages every time in search of a file or to estimate work. It wasn’t that great for a user as well, as they didn’t have control over the request. Reorganizing requests by hand also took a lot of time along with time spent on assistance. That all resulted in the need for change.

The company didn’t give up, though, and remained in a search of a tool that could help them manage their after-sales customer service in a quick and convenient way. That’s how they found out about Zendo and that’s where the relationship between the two began.

The Solution

Shared Inbox

Zendo App

The company grew tired of the classic customer service experience provided the traditional email way, and they knew it was time for a change. Instead of having to endure tiring email communication, they placed their bet on Zendo. And the outcome of this decision would soon turn out to be a game-changer.

The platform helped them introduce more transparency in their communication with customers, as well as simplified the whole process by having customer messages in one place! Every time a customer sends meltin’Concept a message (from their own email address as customers are not required to register on the platform) it lands in Zendo’s inbox where every permitted agent can jump right into the action. The plan is to shift communication from emails and phone calls to Zendo entirely. So far, the number of phone calls has been reduced by 60%!

Zendo also enabled the company to independently evaluate the amount of work that a customer needs, i.e., the hours it took and in the end — the total cost of the service. Features like statuses and custom fields only enriched communication and made it much more pleasant.

Custom Requests

Request Types

A game-changing feature for meltin’Concept turned out to be custom requests. With its help, the company was able to improve its after-sales service by creating the Hour Package (for clients who need continuous assistance) and Single Requests (for those who need to fix a bug or make a few changes in the course of a year).

The feature itself allows companies to create custom requests with statuses, rules, custom fields, and payment types. It all depends on how you wish to use them as they can be tailored to your needs. What’s more, they can be used to indicate the progress of each request.

Statuses also allowed the company to reduce time spent on communication.  Thanks to Zendo’s custom statuses, meltin’Concept can now indicate the status of a request. And they’re visible to both, the company and the user!

Increased Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Thanks to Zendo’s simple ticketing system, a request can now be opened with just one click, which simplifies the entire process for both the customer and an agent. 

Zendo is not only a platform that makes the life of a customer easier. It also simplifies processes for employees. meltin’Concept team enthusiastically welcomed Zendo and quite a lot of factors contributed to such a welcome reception. First and foremost, the implementation can take no more than a couple of hours, depending on your needs, though it can also be done within a few minutes. The biggest factor, however, was the platform’s ability to save time and simplify the management process of the workflow.

The entire request history, costs of assistance, and integrated payment system allow the company to evaluate the Lifetime Value of a Customer much easier.

As a result of the platform having everything you need in one place, customer satisfaction increased. meltin’Concept, however, went even further and introduced custom types to keep track of the time dedicated to assistance, the budget, and ticket prioritization. By doing so, staying transparent became a lot easier.

Client Portal

Order Page

meltin’Concept even decided to integrate Zendo into their contact subpage. Whenever a customer needs assistance, upon clicking on the button, they will be redirected to Zendo to select one of the two already mentioned requests and send a ticket.

Clients can also register on Zendo. By doing so, both sides i.e. meltin’Concept and its clients can track the customer’s orders, see all exchanged messages, and reduce time spent on customer service. It’s really a win-win situation. 

The Result

A quick and easy-to-grasp client management platform that both users and employees find pleasant. Accelerated communication, assistance management, and optimized processes have made things a lot easier and better. And it’s not even the end! Using Zendo also resulted in:

  • Increased transparency
  • Decreased time dedicated to customer service
  • Reduced number of phone calls (by 60%)
  • Less time spent on team member’s onboarding
  • Simplified processes
  • Improved after-sales service
  • Easier evaluation of Customer Lifetime Value
  • Increased customer satisfaction (CSAT)
Company Size
Marketing & Advertising
Key Features
Custom requests, Shared inbox
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