Order Forms & Service Catalog

Streamline Sales & Data Gathering

Collect Data

Each Service can have a unique, fully customizable Order Form. Each form has its unique URL so you can link it to a button on your website. You can add an unlimited number of custom input fields to gather all the data you need.

Choose from 4 distinct field types:
  • Text Field
  • Single-Select
  • URL
  • Multi-Select

Boost The Average Order Value

Allow clients to customize their order upon checkout.


Diversify your offer with add-ons. That way you can upsell additional services or increase the average order value.


Service items can be quantified. Set the base number as well as the minimum and maximum values.


Mix and match. Add custom and productized items in one service.

Service Catalog

Create a Service Catalog. Share its URL with your clients or link it directly to the button on your website.

Publicly Available

Make the Service Catalog accessible to non-registered users and gather requests through your website.


Customize the look of your Service Catalog, upload images, add a title, and a description.

Pick & Choose

Change the visibility of your services in the Service Catalog with a single click.


You can remove the Zendo branding from the Service Catalog and Order Forms.

Look Professional

Having your own page where users can pick and choose from your services makes you look professional.

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