Generate More Sales Without Spending More on Marketing

A paradox? Not with Zendo — a platform built for small to medium businesses selling bespoke services Meaning services which were custom–made for a particular client and cannot be sold to a wider audience due to high level of customization. This is applicable but not limited to web design, where each project is unique..
Would you like to sell faster?

Lead your client from first inquiry to final project delivery with an intuitive user interface. Make sure that your clients are taken care of at every step.

Would you like to get paid at once?

Get paid directly in the internal chatbox with just a click — save time on exchanging billing details and creating proposals.

Would you like to use a single tool?

Substitute all the tools you’re using right now with one tool. Increase your efficiency by removing context switching.

Zendo’s First Prototype in Action

Zendo went a long way from an internal platform meant to bridge the gap between WordPress developers and their clients to an all–in–one universal tool perfect for small and medium businesses. But first, its first version was battle–tested by WPKraken and it surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Zendo reduces complicated sales process into simple steps that really matter
Why do customers love working with Zendo
- Artur
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The Zendo team really understood the problems that haunt project management. Instead of delivering yet another platform that creates even more problems, they managed to develop a tool that helps organize the way everyone on the team works in a simple way. The simplest solutions are always the best! And the biggest advantage is that Zendo is the only thing you’re going to need.
- Aaron
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I am satisfied with my experience so far. The price is adequate to the quality. It doesn’t offer many features, but the few it has, are well–designed and thought–out. This product has the potential to become a real competitor to standard CRMs. The team seems to be really receptive to feedback. I hope they’re going to keep working on this product and raise its quality even further.
- Giorginio P.
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We were using Zendo for the past few weeks to help us straightline the business operations. An easy integration with payment (Stripe) and email helps to keep everything in one place and reduce the number of steps required to complete services. Our clients also likes the fact that they can communicate, pay for the service and receive end product in a single place.
- Emma Davis
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It’s a simple and elegant solution for those who don’t like using thousands of tools. Zendo has just the right amount of features without being overwhelming, so it’s easy to learn and incorporate into your daily business life. It also helps with keeping your communication in order, I especially liked how easy it was to find all the attachments.
- Tom
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Zendo makes it so easy to work together for teams! Everyone knows what's happening at all times and no messages get lost. The inbox is very intuitive to use and nobody can claim now that they missed something. Everyone is up–to–date, including the clients, and the Notes help a lot as well in internal communication.
- Bailey Lewis
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There are lots of good ideas and nice features. It looks pleasant, modern, and clear, it’s easy to use and easy to explain. My team quickly got the hang of it, so we could start immediately, which is a big plus. Complex documentation always discourages people, so it was nice to see that that’s not the case here.
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