Work Management

Manage Your Team’s Work Like You Have Superpowers​

Different Purpose, Different View

With Zendo, you can choose between three distinct view styles for Requests. Choose one that suits your needs best.

Save Views For Future Use

You can store as many views as you like. Make them available to your teammates or only to you. You can also set a default view.

Filter & Sort

Each view can be filtered and sorted by different parameters like Service, Workflow, Status, assignee, and much more.


Dig deeper with the search tool and look for Requests that contain specific phrases.

Request Management Made Easy

Each Request in Zendo consists of two main parts: the chat and the Request details panel.

One Source Of Truth

Requests in Zendo revolve around communication. Chat is where the action happens. Every message, decision, approved quote, and file exchanged is recorded here.

That way, you get one place where you interact with your clients and teammates regarding a specific Request.

Important Information Always At Hand

Each Request in Zendo comes with a Request Details panel which contains all the necessary information for you to get the job done.

  • Request Summary
  • Custom Fields
  • Information From
    The Order Form
  • Assignees
  • Quotes & Invoices
  • Attachments

On Top Of That...

Follow The Progress At A Glance

Use Service Statuses to indicate the progress of each Request. Statuses can be triggered automatically based on system events.

Assign Multiple Agents

Have another pair of eyes looking after your clients – assign multiple teammates to one Request.

Give The Right Level Of Permission

Assign appropriate role to each one of your teammates. Protect sensitive Requests from lower-tier employees.

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