Feature Requests

Are there any features you’d like us to add to make Zendo better?
Submit a feature request in our Discord community server and let us take action!

Join Discord To Submit A Feature Request

How To Submit A Feature Request?

To submit a feature request in Zendo, you need to be a part of our Discord community.
Using Discord, you’ll be able to submit new feature requests, upvote feature requests submitted by other users, check on the status of each feature request, and filter all of the requests by In Review, Planned, In Progress, Done, and Rejected tags.

👉 If You’re Already In Our Discord Community

If you’re already in our Discord community, submitting a feature request will be a breeze!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Head to the Feature Requests forum that you’ll find on the text channels list on the left-side panel of the server
submitting a feature request in Zendo's Discord community
  1. Click the New Post button in the post creation field on the top of the forum to create a new feature request
  1. Within the post, describe your feature request, preferably in as detailed way as possible
Zendo's Discord community: feature requests forum
  1. Hit the Post button

PS: Our Feature Requests forum works similarly to Reddit. Meaning that you can check the feature requests posted by other users, upvote them if they align with your interests, and chat with other users under each feature request post to discuss the suggestions.

❗ Remember to check whether a similar feature request hasn’t already been posted on the forum, to avoid doubling requests.

👉 If You’re Not In Our Discord Community Yet

If you’re not in our Discord community yet, you’ll have to join the community on Discord before submitting any feature request.

You can sign up to our community server either by creating a new Discord account or using your own Discord account.

Once you have a Discord account and have joined our Zendo community server, you can use all its channels, including the Feature Requests channel to submit new requests.

And to submit a feature request, simply follow the steps listed in the above section.

Join Discord To Submit A Feature Request

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