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Impress your customers with branded client portal
Impress your customers with branded client portal

Your customers get access to one place where they can communicate with you, order services, share files, pay, and much, much more. The best part is you do not have to force users to log in to Zendo. They can interact with you through email, and you still get all of the platform’s benefits.

Your customers are always up to date

Decrease the number of contacts needed to keep customers up to date. Use statuses to indicate the progress of each request.

Statuses may even be triggered automatically based on system events.

stay always on the same page with statuses
No more missing files, period

All the information is stored in a client profile, easily accessible by your team and your clients. Your customers can quickly retrieve files that you share with them—no more going through email to retrieve & forward the same file multiple times.

Easily accessible services catalog

Your service catalog is always there when your customer needs it. Build custom order forms for each request type. Order pages come with easy checkout and automatic invoice generation. 

For people not registered you can always share your order form easily with a publicly accessible URL.


Multiple orders - Keep things organized
Multiple orders? Keep things organized

Your team and your customers can access all their requests from one place. This feature is a lifesaver for customers who have a lot of open requests at once. 

Unleash The Power Of Modern Client Portal
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