Client Portal

The Next Generation Of Client Portal Software​

Impress Your Customers With Branded Client Portal

Your customers get access to one place where they can communicate, order services, share files, approve quotes, process payments, and much, much more.

Customize Zendo to make it your own with white-labeling features.

Keep Clients Up To Date​

Decrease the number of communication needed to keep customers up to date. Use Statuses, Custom Fields and Quote States to indicate the progress of each request or quote.

No More Searching For Files & Data​

All the information is stored in a Client Profile, easily accessible by your team and your clients.

Your customers can quickly retrieve files that you shared with them — no more going through email to find & forward the same file multiple times.

Easily Accessible Service Catalog​

Your Service Catalog is always close by. When your customer wants to purchase a new service from you or start a new conversation, it’s just a click away.

You Decide Who Can Join

Invite customers by email or let them register and submit requests through the order forms.

Impersonate Clients

Easily impersonate a customer to, for example, submit a request on their behalf.

Engage Clients With Notifications

Your clients won’t miss a thing — no more waiting days for answers to important questions.

Client Portal Software

Client Portal Software simplifies the communication process between a client and a business by keeping both sides updated at all times and giving them access to a platform with all the essential documents and information needed to solve or track any request.

No more back and forth email exchanges, no more looking through your email inbox for the file you need ASAP, and no more delays in answering your clients’ questions.

Client Portal Features

A good Client Portal should let you access all the must-have features, grouped in such a way to be as intuitive as possible. Zendo features include:

We believe that a good Client Portal should not be too complicated. That is why we offer an extremely user-friendly platform that's as intuitive and simple as it can get.

You won’t need a tutorial, you won’t need an expert to set up the portal for you. See for yourself exploring the free forever plan of Zendo!

Benefits Of Using Client Portal Software

Client Portals have quite a number of benefits, especially for those of us who receive a significant number of requests, whether that’s estimate questions or support-dedicated inquiries.

The main benefits of using Client Portal Software include:

  • Having a one-stop platform for everything you need to efficiently deal with the incoming clients’ requests
  • Keeping customer satisfaction at another level thanks to timely responses and frequent updates
  • Effortless request organization and categorization
  • Easy document management and data sharing
  • Time saving and on-hand information access for both your team and your clients
  • Order page customization for keeping harmony with your website

Zendo offers three plans that differ when it comes to the scale of your team and the features you need. There’s:


For businesses that are starting off the ground. Essential features to start selling.


For growing businesses with a need for more advanced features. 2 users included.


For established businesses. Unlimited seats and full white label experience.


The prices differ depending on the plan you choose and whether you decide to pay on a monthly or annual basis.

  • The Essential plan is free forever!
  • The Pro plan comes up to $24.50/mo when paid on an annual basis and costs $49.00/mo when paid on a monthly basis.
  • The Max plan costs $99.50/mo when paid on an annual basis and comes up to be $199.00/mo when paid on a monthly basis.
Try Zendo for free today to unravel its full potential and see if it fits your workflow!

Zendo will help you upload files, boost the client experience, simplify workflow and team collaboration, easily access shared documents and notes, and find all your previous clients and their profiles in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re still in need of answers, check our collection of the most frequently asked questions about Client Portal Software or reach out to us directly!

Client Portal Software is a solution implemented to help businesses manage their clients’ requests, files, payments, and invoices, some even with in-built statuses and customizable features. Client portals may also have additional features, such as document management, collaboration tools, a knowledge base, digital signatures, and more.

Client Portal Software works as an electronic gateway giving you and your team access to all the essential information about your clients, their inquiries, as well as the statuses and updates to any of those queries. On the other hand, your clients have the possibility to log in and access their Requests with the current Statuses and any files shared with them.

Some Customer Portal Software, such as Zendo, also offer an option for your clients to choose not to use the platform while still being updated via email, which helps those who feel more comfortable not changing the communication channel.

Many businesses are now switching to using Client Portal Software to simply reduce the time needed to provide the service while enhancing the efficiency, instead of managing the clients’ requests, estimates, status updates, and payments individually via email.

Once the requests incoming from our clients become a little too much, choosing to use a Client Portal is the way to save the day and most importantly – a lot of time.

A Client Portal should include all the essential features that help businesses manage incoming requests and deal with them in the most professional and timely manner possible. These features may include file storage, message and note keeping, manual and automatic status update changes, customer profiles with registered history, different request types and sorting options, customizable service catalogs, white labeling options, as well as payments and invoicing options.

Some Client Portals come with eSignatures, others have video meetings, surveys and polls, document collaboration tools, a knowledge base, or a community forum. But the thing is — you may not need all of those options in place, so really think of your needs first.

No matter if you manage a small business or lead a whole enterprise, having an organized space to take care of any requests or queries your clients may have is the way to go.

So the answer is not really do you need a Client Portal, but rather which Client Portal should you choose since they vary with the features offered.

Of course, some businesses can function without a client portal, but that doesn’t mean that implementing one wouldn’t make things easier.

With a tailored Client Portal, you can forget about sending individual emails to your clients, hours spent looking for shared files and documents, and going through the previous emails for context each time an old customer decides to reach out again.

Instead, you’ll have an organized space with all the essentials to enhance customer experience at the tip of your fingers.

It may seem difficult to choose the best Client Portal Software since each and every one offers a different set of features and options.

So our tips for choosing the best Customer Portal Software is to:

  • Research the options available
  • Think of what YOU need
  • Choose a Client Portal that meets those specific needs

Client Portals have a varied way of integrating and customizing them, with some being a WordPress plugin and others offering a ready-made solution that doesn’t require any installation.

With Zendo, the implementation is beyond simple. All you need to do is create an account, log in to the portal online, and access a customizable order page that will enable your clients to get in touch with you and your team. All the Requests sent via the shared order page will then be forwarded to your Zendo dashboard.

To access the customizable Service Catalog, log in to your Zendo account, find the left-hand panel, and head to Services, then click on ‘Service Catalog‘.

The Service Catalog will be available in the form of an easily implementable link. Simply customize the catalog to your liking, add any fields you find necessary, adjust the colors and images, add your logo, and preview your Service Catalog.

Once you find it perfect, implement it on your own website or share the link directly with your clients

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