Selling Producitzed Services

Sell More, Faster, And Easier Than Before

Learn how Zendo can help you sell productized services.

Create & Sell Productized Services

With Zendo, selling is the easy part.


Pick Service Type & Create Service Items

First, choose a Productized Service type. Then, add Service items. Items are the components of your Service. For example, items for a branding service could be “logo design” and “letterhead design”.

Each item has special properties that you can set, like: add-on, quantity or custom.

Boost The Average Order Value

Allow clients to customize their order upon checkout.


Add optional add-ons to your Services.

For example, for a Logo design service, you could add special options like express delivery, printable file, or include source files.


Services items can be quantified.

For example, for a Logo design service, you could let users choose the number of revisions and a number of concepts included.


Mix and match. Add custom and productized items to your service. The custom items will have to be estimated by someone on your team once the customer orders the service.


Define Automations

Don’t waste time on the dull part of your business. Zendo can autogenerate a Quote upon order, send an automatic Payment Request, and issue an Invoice once the payment has been processed.


Build Order Form

Each Service can have a unique, fully customizable Order Form that allows you to streamline data collection. Each form has its unique URL so you can link it to a button on your website. You can add an unlimited number of custom input fields.

Custom Input Fields

Unlimited number of fields and distinct field types give you maximum flexibility.

Publicly Available

Make the order form accessible to non-registered users and gather requests through your website.

Drag & Drop

Build forms in no time with our easy to use drag and drop interface.


Organize In Service Catalog

Display Services available for order in a Service Catalog that can be publicly accessible. Link it to your website and gather orders.


Collect Payments

Zendo comes with a frictionless payment collection system. It supports instant payments (powered by Stripe) and bank transfers, regardless of the Service type. After collecting your payment, it’s up to you to deliver a great service!

Define the default payment method per service basis or adjust it per client needs.


Set the default currency and alter it per payment request.

Payment Terms

Easily support different payment terms, from up-front, split, to on-delivery.

Multiple Payment Requests

Collect multiple payments within one Request. No more creating requests for every payment.

That’s Not All

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