Productized Services

Sell more, faster, and better

Create a seamless sales process that will impress your clients

Set Up Your Productized Service
If you want to offer productized services to your clients, create a new Request Type and choose the one–time payment option. You can also create addons for upselling opportunities.
Create the Order Page

In the Order Page tab, you can create and customize the page that lists all your offered services. You can add a description, header image, and choose which Request Types should be visible to the clients.

Note: only the workspace owner can manage the Order Page.
Connect it to Your Page

You can share the Order Page with your clients in three ways:

Customer Makes a Purchase
Once your client has access to the Order Page, they can fill out all the information and submit the form. This will automatically create a new Request in Zendo where the clients can pay for the service upfront. Now the ball is in your court!
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