The Intriguing Brains Behind Zendo

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We’re a branch of Massive Pixel Creation, a software development company located in Katowice, Poland. In its 5 years of existence, we’ve uncovered the secret to faster, more efficient work, handling as many as 500 requests per month with just a few agents.

Our clients wanted to know how we do it, but our internal software — WPKraken — was our own bespoke solution that couldn’t be shared. But seeing this opportunity right in front of us, we’ve decided to create Zendo.

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Our core values
Less is more

Personally, we’re fond of simple solutions that are built to make our lives easier — be it by saving time, helping us achieve our goals faster, or by making things more accessible. And when we’re designing our own products, we go by the same principles. After all, there would be no satisfaction from developing projects that are not up to our own standards.


We want to make our products easily accessible for everyone, no matter their technical skills or marketing knowledge. We want to level the playing field by introducing simple products that can make a true difference in the way you work, without the need for external consultants or special workshops.

Beauty in Design

We know, we know — functionality triumphs over design. But we don’t want to settle for compromises, so we aimed high and challenged ourselves to bring the most pleasing design to our users with no loss to its functionality. Hopefully, we can all agree that we went beyond anyone’s expectations by introducing the most beautiful and clean user interface.

Peace of mind

Most of all, we want to enjoy our lives and go against the cult of overwork. We want to make an impact in the world but without sacrificing our health and sanity. For that reason, we build processes and tools that help us work smarter, not harder. After all, technology should improve our lives instead of adding more responsibilities.

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The key to success lies in forming long–term business relationships built on transparency and trust. And you can't do that without a tool that supports these values

Meet the people

Kuba Gaj

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Grzegorz Palonek

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Wencel

Engineering Team Leader

Adam Jaworski

Backend Developer

Patryk Bejcer

Frontend Developer

Basia Józefowska

Frontend Developer

Malwina Pakuła

UX/UI Designer

Justyna Hodura

UX/UI Designer

Mateusz Kościelak

Head of Marketing

Paulina Gajewska


Ola Dworak

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