Quotes & Invoicing

Handling Paperwork Doesn't Have To Be A Hustle​

Automate The Boring Side Of Your Business​

Send Quotes, Invoices, and Payment Requests automatically. Choose Triggers for each automation.

Set up your service once and let Zendo handle the paperwork for you.

Generate Documents In Just A Few Clicks

Use Zendo to generate Quotes from scratch or base them on a predefined Service. Define multiple line items, special conditions, and automations with an easy-to-use interface.

Invoices can be generated with just one click (manually) or automatically upon payment.

Stored In One Convenient Place

Zendo gives you one convenient place to manage all your documents with detailed information and links to Requests containing them.

Tax Support

Both Quotes and Invoices support taxes. You can specify the percentage tax value globally or per Service item.

Generate PDFs

Every document Zendo generates is available as a PDF and emailed to your clients, so they never miss it.

Custom Naming Scheme

Predefine a naming scheme for your documents with prefixes, suffixes, and date formatting.


You can remove Zendo branding from the Service Catalog and Order Forms.


Let clients know about new documents waiting for them, either through email or in-app & browser notifications.

Empower Your Business With Quotes

Make sure there are no misunderstandings between you and your clients. Quotes define the scope of work and the components for which the client is paying.

Quotes are the cornerstone of a service-based business. That is why we made sure they are easy to use and customizable.


Automatically generate and send Invoices to clients once the payment has been made.

Multiple Quotes Support

Don’t create separate Requests when your clients want to purchase an additional service. Just send a new Quote inside the existing Request.

Create Drafts

Quote drafts are not visible to your customers, you can pre-make a Quote and work on it with your teammates.


Each Quote has a state. Always know what is happening with every Quote at a glance. Available states are: new, pending approval, approved, awaiting payment, paid, done, and canceled.

Payment Due Date

Set a payment due date for each Quote. That way, your clients know the deadline for the payment.

Custom Names

Quotes can have custom names so they are easier to identify.

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