White Label

Make Zendo Your Own With White Labeling

Personalize Your Workspace​

Upload your logo to brand your workspace, emails, documents, and even the browser’s favicon.

Set an accent color to personalize your workspace further.

Look Like A Pro With A Custom Domain​

Zendo lets you set up a custom domain for your workspace. You can match your brand’s domain and look professional.

We do not provide the domain. You need to own a domain to use this feature.

Custom Email Domain For Emails Sent To Customers From Zendo
Custom Email Domain

Set your custom email domain to ensure that all email notifications sent to your customers originate from your domain.


Zenbot is your faithful companion. It automates certain functionalities for you and your customers. For example, it can send out automatic follow-up messages, Payment Requests, and Invoices.

With white-labelling features, you can change its name and avatar.

Remove “powered by Zendo”

With the Growth plan, you can remove the “powered by Zendo” badge.

Help Center

Link your knowledge base to your Zendo workspace and make it easily accessible for your customers.

Custom Email Footer

You can easily customize the footer of emails that are sent out from Zendo to your customers and teammates.

See How Zendo Can Help You Further

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