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2 months free with annual plan
2 months free
Up to 2

Special offer for micro teams (up to two agents) that want to get their business off the ground.


For companies in need of a custom plan structure. If you need custom features this plan is for you.

All Zendo plans include:
File Storage File storage depends on the number of agents you have in your workspace for each agent you get an additional 10GB. 10GB * no. of agents
History Do not worry about losing data, your communication and files have unlimited history. unlimited
Requests Request Type is a unique, personalized workflow that can be assigned to a specific group of repeatable tasks. unlimited
Request types Request Type is a unique, personalized workflow that can be assigned to a specific group of repeatable tasks. unlimited
Triggers & automation Automate your work and status changes with triggers and automation.
Search & Filtering
Custom statuses Request Statuses indicate the current state of the request, which helps create a unique flow for each request. unlimited
Custom Fields Custom Fields help organize requests by assigning them personalized attributes for improved work management. unlimited
List / Kanban / Table view
Payments & Invoicing
Payments unlimited
Sell custom services
Sell productized services
Messages unlimited
Notes Notes are internal chat messages which are invisible to clients. unlimited
Attachments unlimited
Message delivery status Notes are internal chat messages which are invisible to clients.
Clients unlimited
Different levels of permissions Agents can interact with requests they are assigned to, but they cannot delete them.A manager has access to all requests and can also assign them. The role can also manage clients but cannot modify the workspace or add team members.. Agent, Manager, Owner
Watchers Watchers can see all the information in the request they are added to, but they cannot make any changes or send messages. Watchers are not billed, they are FREE. unlimited
Auto Assignment Auto Assignment lets you choose an Agent to be assigned to each new request by default.
Restrict Submission Access
Make It Your Own
Logo upload
Accent color customization
Workspace settings
Language selection English, Italian, Spanish, Polish
Date Format
Currency Format
Time Zone selection
Coming Soon
Recurring Services
Zapier Integration
Request Delivery Date
Frequently asked questions
Have more questions? Contact our support here.

Create your own account at to start a free account (no credit card info required). Provide basic information about the workspace, username, and password, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Right after you create your account, it’s going to be a Starter (free) account. In order to start the free trial of the higher plan, you’ll need to navigate to Settings -> Plan & Billing where you will be able to start the 14 day free trial.

If you won’t decide to continue the subscription to Growth plan, then after the free trial passes your account will be automatically downgraded to Starter plan.

As Starter plan is limited to the number of agents, the system will keep the workspace’s owner and the newest agent active, but the rest will get deactivated. 

Yes. Your data is stored encrypted at-store and in-transit on a separate database. Encryption uses an algorithm suite with AES-GCM with an HMAC-based extract-and-expand key derivation function (HKDF), signing, and a 256-bit encryption key.

No. A credit card is not required to create a free account. We will ask you for credit card information only if you decide to upgrade to a higher subscription plan.

You can request a refund within 14 days of the purchase. Please contact us via

Yes. When you upgrade the plan, we will charge you only the difference between plans for the remaining billing cycle.

Currently, we accept only credit card payments via Stripe.

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