Communicate & Collaborate

Everything Starts With A Conversation

Comments, Tickets, or Emails? We say a hard NO!

Zendo lets you communicate in a modern way through a real-time chat experience.

Working with your teammates and clients has never been easier. Forget about the Reply All bullshit. No more emails, forwards, CCs, and BCCs.

Assign Multiple Teammates

Have another pair of eyes looking after your clients – assign multiple teammates to one request.


Create Statuses that can indicate the state of a request. Status changes are visible in the chat.

Private Notes

Notes can be sent in chat. They are only visible to fellow agents. This is a great way to communicate internally without leaving the Request.

Collaborate Without Switching Apps

Doesn’t matter if you want to communicate with your teammates or clients — you can do this without leaving the chat.

Zendo is a Swiss army knife designed for effective communication.

Communication Matters

Stay Connected

Your clients may constantly be on the go, but this shouldn’t slow you down. Your clients can answer you by replying to email notifications. Even the Quotes and Invoices are emailed to them as PDFs.

On your end, everything is stored in one convenient communication feed inside the Zendo app.

Exchange Files

Easily upload and send attachments, view client folders, and batch upload your files.


Mention your teammates so they get notified and easily spot the message they need to pay attention to.

Message Status

See if your message was delivered to the customer and if they read it.

Mark As Unread

Mark Requests as unread to come back to them later.

Edit / Delete

Specific roles can edit & delete sent messages.


We all love emojis so of course, Zendo supports them 🙂

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