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Receive 25% commission on all payments from customers you refer to us. For a lifetime. Secure a steady, and passive income.

Why Become A Zendo Affiliate?

25% Recurring Commission

Monetize your audience and content for a lifetime commission.

60-Day Cookie Window

Longer window, bigger earnings potential.

First-Touch Attribution Model

The first click can be your profit game-changer.

Track Your Efforts

View your performance and track referrals with a dedicated platform.

Easy Money Withdrawal

Receive money via Wise. $100 USD is the minimal threshold.

Who Can Become An
Content Creator

You run a YouTube channel, a blog or a podcast.

Zendo Customer

You use Zendo for your business, and want to refer your friends. 

Community Member

You are an active member of groups discussing business solutions.


Didn’t find yourself in the listed categories? Everyone can join, no strings attached.

How Does It Work?

Apply Online

Fill out the program application form.

Spread The Word

Use your affiliate link in relevant content, or place our banners and promote Zendo to your audience.

Get Paid

Earn commission for each payment from a new customer coming from your link and subscribing to a Zendo’s paid plan.

Frequently asked questions

You earn a commission for as long as the referred customer stays with us and makes payments. This means you could earn for a lifetime!

Commissions are paid out monthly via Wise once you’ve reached the minimum threshold of $100.

We provide a dedicated platform where you can view your performance, track referrals, and see your earned commissions.

Just fill out our online application form. Once approved, you can start promoting Zendo using your unique affiliate link.

If a customer cancels their subscription or requests a refund, the commission earned from that sale will be deducted from your next payout.

A 60-day cookie window means that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 60 days, you’ll still receive the commission for that sale.

The First-click attribution model means that the first affiliate link the customer clicked before making a purchase will receive the full credit for the sale. This model is based on the idea that the first touchpoint is the most important one in the customer journey.

Successfully promoting Zendo as part of our Affiliate Program involves reaching out to your audience in meaningful and effective ways. Here are some strategies you can consider:

  1. Content Creation: Create original, engaging content around our product. If you run a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast, weave Zendo into your content in a way that aligns with your audience’s interests. For instance, you can write product reviews, how-to guides, or comparison articles featuring Zendo. If you’re a vlogger or podcaster, you can demonstrate the use of Zendo in your videos or mention it during your podcast episodes.


  1. Social Media Promotion: Leverage your social media platforms to promote Zendo. This could be through posts, stories, reels, or even live streams where you showcase the benefits of using Zendo. Remember to use your unique affiliate link in your bio or post descriptions.


  1. Email Marketing: If you have a mailing list, use it to reach out to your subscribers with information about Zendo. This could be in the form of a dedicated email, or you could incorporate it into your regular newsletter content.


  1. Webinars or Workshops: Host webinars or workshops where you can provide value to your audience while also introducing them to Zendo. For example, you could host a webinar on effective service sales management and introduce Zendo as a recommended tool.


  1. Use Banners and Ads: Place our provided banners and ads on your website, blog, or in your newsletter. These visual elements can attract attention and encourage click-throughs.


  1. Word of Mouth: Don’t underestimate the power of personal recommendations. If you’re a consultant or agency, you can recommend Zendo to your clients. If you’re a SaaS reviewer, include Zendo in your list of recommended products.

Remember, the key to successful promotion is knowing your audience and their needs. Tailor your strategies to what best suits your audience.

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