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Learn how Zendo can help your web development business excel at selling, delivering, and supporting top-notch services.

one inbox, different sources
Gather all your leads in one place.

Connect different lead sources, don’t let anything fall through the cracks. UpWork, Clutch, company website, or email, no matter the source we got you covered.

Let engineers, QA, and designers work in harmony.

Everyone on your team can see the full context. Add multiple teammates to the same request. No need to switch tools if they want to discus the request–just use notes.  

Work together on the same communication feed

Learn From Our Experience

We know firsthand how hard it is to run your own services business. After years of running an agency and struggling with busywork we knew what tools we needed to serve our customers in an efficient & effective way.

Custom Order Form
Collect all the information with robust order forms.

Create custom order forms for every request type to gather all the essential information you need to push the project through the finish line as fast as possible.

Our order forms come with easy checkout & invoicing. 

No more missing files, period

All the information is stored in a client profile, easily accessible by your team and your clients. Your customers can quickly retrieve files that you share with them—no more going through email to retrieve & forward the same file multiple times.

Simple yet powerful CRM
Reduce the busy-work.

By keeping things organized and centralized, Zendo reduces the amount of communication. Your clients do not have to ask for request progress. They can relay build-in statuses.

No more back and forth regarding payments, invoicing, or adding collaborators.

Sell in a way that suits your business

We support different models of selling services so you can choose one that suits you.

Custom services

Do you require an estimation each time?  With a custom service model, you can easily send a quote right from the communication feed.

One-off services

Are you into productized services or maybe packages of hours? One-off services have a predefined price, so it is easy for your customers to order.

Recurring services

Want to sell subscriptions? With recurring services this is easy you set a price and a renewal frequency.*

See Zendo in Action

Zendo went a long way from an internal platform meant to bridge the gap between WordPress developers and their clients to an all–in–one universal tool perfect for small and medium businesses. But first, its first version was battle–tested by WPKraken and it surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Unleash The Power Of Modern Client Portal
Is your business showing signs of needing software?

Learn how to recognize if your business should invest in software and how to choose the best suited solution from those available on the market.

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