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Zendo gives you one organized space to work with your clients and sell services. Keep feedback, decisions, approvals, and files on the record.

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The best customer management tool!


Zendo makes it so easy to work together.


The simplest and best solution!

Keep clients on the record.

Zendo helps you avoid conflicts with your clients by keeping everything from communication, files, decisions, approvals, and payments on the record. Each side gets the same context right from the Zendo app.

Keep clients on the record.
Save time on every transaction.
Save time on every transaction.

Zendo has a built-in payment gateway right into the communication feed. No more switching tools to send a payment request or issue an invoice. 

You can predefine services and subscriptions and sell with just one click

Less busy-work, emails, and fewer meetings.

By keeping things organized and centralized, Zendo reduces the amount of communication. Your clients do not have to ask for request progress. They can relay build-in statuses.

No more back and forth regarding payments, invoicing, or adding collaborators.

Less busy-work, emails, and fewer meetings.
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Massimo Bologna, Art Director

I had been looking for a tool to manage customer care for years. I found Zendo an immediate, simple, complete, and fully customizable tool. 

Always get the full context to dazzle your clients.
Always get the full context to dazzle your clients.

With Zendo, each client has their own profile where you can find all the communications, notes, orders, and files you exchanged with them. The app gives you a full history of past interactions.

Let clients grab the files they need without asking.

Stop forwarding the same attachments all the time. With Zendo, your clients get access to all the files you have exchanged in a single place. Reduce the communication and give your clients the power to act independently.

Zendo works with email too.
Zendo works with email too.

Your clients do not have to learn a new system. They can still rely on an email, you and your teammates can still harness the full power of Zendo. All the information is stored in our system, no matter the communication source.


Simplify your business right now

Zendo’s First Prototype in Action

Zendo went a long way from an internal platform meant to bridge the gap between WordPress developers and their clients to an all–in–one universal tool perfect for small and medium businesses. But first, its first version was battle-tested by WPKraken, and it surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Trouble in paradise?

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Our clients love Zendo
- Artur
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Instead of delivering yet another platform that creates even more problems, they managed to develop a tool that helps organize the way everyone on the team works in a simple way. The simplest solutions are always the best!
- Aaron
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This product has the potential to become a real competitor to standard CRMs. The team seems to be really receptive to feedback. I hope they’re going to keep working on this product and raise its quality even further.
- Giorginio P.
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An easy integration with payment (Stripe) and email helps to keep everything in one place and reduce the number of steps required to complete services.
- Emma Davis
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Zendo has just the right amount of features without being overwhelming, so it’s easy to learn and incorporate into your daily business life. It also helps with keeping your communication in order.
- Tom
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Zendo makes it so easy to work together for teams! Everyone knows what's happening at all times and no messages get lost.
- Bailey Lewis
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My team quickly got the hang of it, so we could start immediately, which is a big plus. Complex documentation always discourages people, so it was nice to see that that’s not the case here.
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