Translation & Localization

Focus On The Context, Not The Busy-Work.

Learn how Zendo can help your business excel at selling, delivering, and supporting professional translation services.

Sell Without Limits

Unravel the potential of your services and sell them the way you want to.
Choose from three distinct service types.


Sell services like products with clearly defined pricing.

Set up one-page translations in your favorite language pair, video localizations, and more in the best fashion.


Create service packages, sell on an ongoing basis, and bill automatically.

Let clients subscribe to your translation services and up your MRR.



Offer custom services to systemize handling complicated projects.

Cater to each client’s needs individually.

Create & Sell Services

With Zendo, selling is the easy part.


Pick Service Type & Create Service Items

Choose between Productized, Subscription*, Custom, or Free.

Define your service with items, price them, spice it up with add-ons, and play around with all the parameters you can use to make selling easy.


Define Automations

Don’t waste time on admin. 

Handle boring documents with Zendo. You can autogenerate Quotes upon order, send Payment Requests, and automatically issue Invoices for completed payments.


Build Order Form

Build unique Order Forms with custom input fields for each of your Services to streamline data collection.

Have all the essential details ready before even starting the conversation. Text’s topic, specialized vocabulary, the number of words, preferred tone of voice, or language pair, all provided in the order form.


Organize In Service Catalog

Make it easy for your clients to order your translation services by displaying them on a customizable, publicaly accessible Service Catalog.

Link it to your website and collect orders.

Boost The Average Order Value

Allow clients to customize their order upon checkout.


Rush delivery or addional edits, easily create add-ons to boost the average order value.


Let your clients order more at once with the Quantify feature.

Set up minimum and maximum order limits to control the outcome.


Mix and match. Add custom and productized items to your services for maximum flexibility.

Frictionless Payments

Offer the right payment method for your customers. Zendo supports instant payments (powered by Stripe) and bank transfers regardless of the service type.

Define the default payment method per service basis or adjust it per client needs.


Automatically generate and send invoices to clients upon payment.

Payment Terms

Easily support different payment terms, from up-front, split, to on-delivery.

Multiple Payment Requests

Collect multiple payments within one Request for ultimate convenience.

Manage Work, Communicate & Collaborate Like You Have Superpowers

Zendo gives you all the tools you need to sell, deliver and manage a translation business.

Views For Every Occasion

With Zendo, you can choose between three distinct request view styles: list, table, and Kanban. Choose one that suits your needs best, or use different views for different occasions. Make your work even more efficient by saving favorite filtering views for future use.

Follow The Progress At A Glance

Use Service statuses to indicate the work progress of each request. Statuses can be triggered automatically based on system events.

Give The Right Level Of Permission

Assign appropriate roles to each one of your teammates. Protect sensitive Requests from lower-tier employees.

Filter, Sort & Search

Each view can by filtered and sorted by different parameters like Service, Workflow, Status, assignee. and much more, so that you’ll get a clear view of your work.

Communication – Your Source Of Truth

Requests in Zendo are handled through a modern chat. This is where the action happens. Every message, decision, approved quote, file exchanged is recorded here.

Let your clients see the progress of their order, complete payments, receive quotes and invoices, and chat with you and your team, all in one place.

Instant Chat

Take advantage of the real-time chat to get rid of any misunderstandings.

Assign Multiple Teammates

Have another pair of eyes looking after your clients – assign multiple teammates to each Request.

Private Notes

Team communication is no longer an issue with private notes in Zendo. Communicate privately with your team right in the chat.

That’s Not All

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