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productized service examples
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They say that sky’s the limit.

Or is it the ceiling?

Selling services may feel like the latter is true.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can break through that ceiling and scale your business with the right execution of productization.

One-time, recurring, unlimited tasks, or consultation-based productized services are here to save the day for all stressed-out and overworked service business owners.

Of course, you can’t just randomly switch to productization without a plan. And the first step to change the way you do your business is to check how others do it.

So, without further ado, here are 10 productized service examples from a few different industries to get your head full of ideas, ready and inspired to start the switch to productization!

Productized Service Examples By Industries

Productized Services In SEO

SEO is one of the areas where brands, freelancers, agencies, and experts usually work either on an hourly or project basis. Hence, many of them start to look for ways to productize their services and scale their business.

Some come out successful, while others not so much.

Going through different SEO agencies, we’ve found a few that shot their shot at productization and we’ll share with you both good and bad examples of productized SEO services.

Bad Example

Our bad example may deceptively resemble an ideal one, especially at first glance. But don’t get fooled.

WebFX is a US-based medium-sized business offering SEO, marketing, and web design services to other medium to large-sized businesses. Founded in 1997, with William Craig as their CEO and founder, WebFX proves to be successful in their field, gaining a funding of over 10 million USD and generating more than 3 billion USD for their clients in the last 5 years.

Looking through their SEO services, we’ve found that they offer a three-tier subscription plan: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Up to this point, the productization seems to be running smoothly. You can see the elements of each plan, letting the client know what they’ll get upfront.

WebFX as a productized service example

However, once you decide on a plan you want to purchase and click the Customize My Plan button, you get forwarded to a contact page to fill out. The WebFX team then reaches out with a free proposal prepared, most-likely after evaluating your website.

WebFX contact form

Now, why is this a bad example?

It’s not that the three-tier plan doesn’t look good or that it doesn’t provide the scope of the service. It’s that a productized service should have a specified price. You should be able to purchase the productized service, just as you would purchase a product on a shelf, instantly. Without prior consultations or proposals needed, because then it simply remains a custom service.

Good Example

But Loganix is here to save the day and show every SEO agency how it’s done. Founded in 2009, Loganix offers digital marketing services to SEO agencies and in-house teams to help with SEO, link building, PPC, and content marketing.

Adam Steele – the founder of Loganix shared their journey to productized services.

Like most SEO agencies, Loganix started operating on forums and basing their work on projects. But it quickly became evident that they won’t go far with this business model.

So, they decided to switch to productized services instead.

That’s how many of their services have become packaged ones. You can find both one-time services and subscriptions that you can purchase without any prior consultation or proposal on the Loganix website.

productized service examples: Loganix as a better SEO example

Bonus: Ideal Example

Since productization within SEO is still in its infancy and we struggled quite a bit to find good productized service examples from SEO agencies, we want to show you an ideal example of an SEO-oriented productized service found on Fiverr.

If you don’t know, Fiverr is an online platform that connects freelancers with clients from all over the world, easing the struggle of selling your service without a previously established client base.

And although it has its undeniable flaws, Fiverr is a great example of a productized service done right.

If you type in SEO audit in the Fiverr search bar, you’ll find many services along with their initial prices, rating and level of the Seller, and more. You can also easily filter the available services the way you want, including by budget, location, and delivery time.

Fiverr as an ideal productized service in SEO example

Once you choose the Seller and service that looks best to you and your needs, you’ll find all the specifications of the service, including three-tier packages and Seller reviews. At that point, you simply select the service you want to purchase and pay.

The service-provider gets notified and delivers their work within the established time frame. The whole process could not be more simple!

Fiverr's three-tier packages

So if you don’t have an idea for your productized service just yet or aren’t sure as to what it should look like, we definitely recommend taking a look on Fiverr and finding your inspiration there.

Productized Services In Copywriting

Looking for good examples of productized services within copywriting was similar to researching the available options in SEO.

But we did manage to find two wonderful examples of how it should be done!

Both copywriting agencies we want to highlight are owned by the same person that could tell that productization is the way to go. Lianna Patch, US-based copywriter, created two copywriting agencies that make it possible to purchase service packages by simply adding them to cart and paying online.

The first of Lianna’s agencies is Punchline Copy that seamlessly combines humor with professionalism.

productized service examples in copywriting: Punchline copy

If you go to their Services page, you’ll find the packaged options they offer. There’s:

  • the Knockout audit for $697 that includes a 4-page audit of your website.
  • the Uppercut landing page rewrite for $2497
Punchline's copywriting services

All the client has to do is choose the productized service they prefer, add it to their cart, and pay.

Punchline's checkout

The second of Lianna’s copywriting agencies – Snap Copy took a different approach to productization, namely by selling their productized services for credits.

Clients can buy 5, 15, 25, or 50 Snap Credits that they can later on use to purchase copywriting services on the Snap Copy website.

snap copy: snap credits examples

To provide an example, for one Snap Credit you can purchase one copy for a Facebook Ad, a 30-minute copy or strategy review call, generate 5 product names, and more.

One-credit jobs example in snap copy

Allowing your clients to purchase your services by simply adding them to an online cart cuts the whole sales journey in half. And we all know that the fewer steps to completing a purchase – the better.

Especially now when as much as 70% of customers expect self-service on websites and find it crucial in their decision making.

Productized Services In Graphic Design

When it comes to examples from graphic design services, we’ve decided to share two agencies that offer their service on a subscription-based model. Both make it possible to purchase the preferred plan without prior consultation or reaching out to support agents. One of them even offers a free trial!

So let’s get to it.


Fairly new on the market, the DigiFloat agency was founded in 2019 to help other businesses, freelancers, marketers, and agencies by offering unlimited graphic design and content services.

Similarly to many service-based businesses, Digifloat was created by a freelancer who grew to be tired of working on an hourly basis. Jaideep Bishnoi started out by creating WordPress sites (design & development) for startups and small businesses alike. This gave him an idea to actually create an agency that combines design and content creation with web development.

But Jaideep didn’t stop there. He went a step further and decided to offer productized services in the form of unlimited subscriptions.

productized service examples in graphic design: DigiFloat

Their clients can choose from three plans: Standard, Pro, and Agency that differ mainly in the number of active design tasks or specific services they’ll receive.

After clicking the Get Started button, each client gets forwarded to checkout and can proceed with payment to unlock their subscription.

Digifloat's checkout


The second example in graphic design takes us all the way to Hong Kong. Back in 2014, Kapa99‘s origin story began to form in a family restaurant.

Ka Kei Ho was working with his family, managing a restaurant’s day-to-day basis along with their marketing needs. Basically being a jack of all trades.

But after reading a motivational book about starting a startup in 7 days, Ka Kei Ho decided to shoot his shot and with the help of his wife, who happens to be a graphic designer, he created an agency that offers graphic design services based on a flat rate monthly or annual fee.

That idea turned out to be just what he needed and now Kapa99 helps their customers save on average $45,000 each year!

Kapa99 as a productized service example with unlimited tasks

Kapa99 offers two simple plans: Business and Business Express, with the only difference being the delivery time and price.

With either plan, Kapa99’s clients get unlimited graphic design services and active tasks to assign to the Kapa99’s team.

Productized Services In Food Delivery

Taking a 180 with this example, we’re moving to a different kind of service-based business, namely food delivery. But don’t be upset, this one is just as interesting!

Let’s now introduce HelloFresh.

Fresh ingredients portioned exactly as needed along with the recipe delivered straight to your doorstep?

No food going to waste, no grocery shopping, easy-to-follow recipe, and new meal ideas – that’s what HelloFresh customers get for their weekly subscription.

With the total funding of $367.5 million acquired since the creation of HelloFresh in 2011, HelloFresh is now an international success, operating in 16 countries with 6 different brands.

HelloFresh's international success: table with countries it operates in

The numbers alone prove that the productization of the food delivery service was a massive hit for HelloFresh. Their client base and number of delivered orders grows significantly each year.

HelloFresh's delivered orders statistics

HelloFresh customers can choose between a few different meal plans they’d prefer and then choose their meals for the week from over 30 different recipes available each week. There’s also the possibility to set the number of meals to be delivered and the number of portions included.

Once everything’s set according to one’s preferences, all there’s left to do is share your address and pay for the weekly meal subscription. The subscription is also commitment-free, allowing HelloFresh customers to easily skip a week, pause the subscription, or cancel their account any time they wish to do so.

productized service examples: HelloFresh's plans to choose from

Productized Services In Marketing

Let’s move back to online businesses, specifically one that offers a wide range of marketing services.


First starting out in 2010 as a web design company, Autogrow went through many changes over the years, eventually turning to a productized service business in 2015.

Autogrow helps their customers with digital marketing, offering many different services, including with an article creation service, monthly creative direction, professional seo services, ads and ppc management, and more.

What you’ll find in Autogrow’s offer are four monthly plans: Walk, Run, Drive, and Fly that you can use on a free trial for 7 days to see if they match your needs.

productized service examples: Autogrow as a marketing example

Perfect productization execution of services that seem too difficult to get packaged! Yet, Autogrow proves it’s very much possible.

Productized Services In Consulting

And last but not least – consulting!


Besides the delicious sounding name, HubSnacks brings a lot of value for their customers, all while simplifying the purchasing process with productized services.

But what do HubSnacks actually do?

If you’ve ever heard of HubSpot, this should already ring a bell and guide you in the right direction.

HubSnacks is a consulting agency that provides support and expertise for all confused HubSpot users.

So, in short, for a fixed price paid on a monthly basis, HubSnacks customers get to assign unlimited HubSpot tasks, requests, revisions, have access to an exclusive template library, SEO reports, and get an overall ongoing support with their HubSpot accounts.

Consulting example: HubSnacks' plans

Having originated in 2014, the Bristol-based company managed to successfully stand out among all 6,570 HubSpot partners and can now be found among the elite HubSpot consultants and support agents!

Our Thoughts On Productized Service Examples

Numerous online businesses and many business owners see the benefits of productization and decide to switch to this business model.

You can find many examples of productized services online whether that’ll be a marketing service, e-commerce businesses, lead generation packages, web traffic services, inbound marketing, or productized coaching services, there’s a lot to get inspired off of.

But remember one thing! When browsing the productized service examples, do keep in mind that for a productized service to be what it’s supposed to be, it has to have a fixed price, an outlined scope of the service, and must not require any prior consultations or proposals before purchasing it.

So, may the force be with you when looking for the best productized service examples out there!

And remember, whether we like it or not, Fiverr is still one of the best places to look for productized services examples from all sorts of brands and niches. We’d start digging there. Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Productized Service Examples

What Is The Best Place To Look For Productized Service Examples?

We believe that the best place to look for productized service examples is actually Fiverr. The marketplace forces seller providers to package their services, describe the scope, and set a fixed price in their offer. Hence, it’s one of the best places to look for real-life productization examples, from all kinds of industries and niches.

What Is A Good Productized Service Example?

A good productized service example is one that checks all crucial productization characteristics, i.e., has a fixed scope, a fixed price, and self-service checkout included. Whatever niche you’re looking into, try searching for such qualities for the services you want to get inspired off of before productizing your services.

How To Use Software To Set Up An Example Productized Service?

If just looking at productization examples is not enough for you and you’d rather see productization in action to truly decide if it fits your business, you can set up your own test productized service. And to do that casualty-free, you can take advantage of productized service software. Software that helps precisely in setting up your productized services that you can use to create your offer and see it in action before you actually share it with your clients.

How Can Zendo Help You Set Up Example Productized Services?

If you’ve been thinking about switching to productization for a while now, you may need a safe place to test out this business model. Zendo is a client portal software that makes creating and selling services as easy as it can get. Using its free forever plan, you get access to all the essential features, including a service creator that will help you set up your first productized services in a matter of minutes. That way, you’ll be able to truly see productization of your offer in action without risking sharing an unpolished new offer directly with clients.

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