ManyRequests Pricing Analysis: Costs Vs Value Offered

ManyRequests Pricing
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ManyRequests is a client portal software that focuses mainly on productization and features that help with selling one-off and recurring services online.

Founded in 2019, ManyRequests was created to help agency owners alike in running their business without having to grow another pair of hands to cope with all the different tools. Essentially making client management and service creation easy.

And we’ve compared ManyRequests with a few tools now, for example when analyzing different software for creating productized services and most often, ManyRequests, even though quite useful, lost its comparison battles because of how expensive it is.

So in this article we’re going to take a closer look at the ManyRequests pricing, explain why it actually may not be worth it, and suggest a much more affordable software instead.

Let’s get straight into the pricing and plans.

How Much Does ManyRequests Cost?

ManyRequests’ costs can be divided into two categories, based on the monthly and annual billing. And that’s because the annual billing comes with an additional, fourth plan.

Monthly Billing

When paying for ManyRequests on a monthly basis, you can choose between four plans: Starter, Core, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Starter plan comes with 2 team seats, unlimited number of clients, all basic modules, and a custom domain, for $99 per month.

The Core plan comes with everything that’s included in the Starter plan, along with time tracking and design annotation modules, as well as a Zapier integration and 5 team seats for $149 per month.

The Pro plan introduces the white label portal & email, removal of the ‘Powered by’ badges, as well as an affiliate module. On top of that, the number of team seats increases to 10. The Pro plan is available for $399 per month.

Last but not least, ManyRequests offers the Enterprise plan with bulk seat pricing, custom integrations, dedicated account manager, and API access. A custom solution with a custom pricing!

Number of team seats2510unlimited (minimum number of seats: 50)
Number of clients and requestsunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Own custom domain name✔️✔️✔️✔️
Zapier integration✔️✔️
Custom integrations✔️
Time tracking module✔️✔️
Design annotation module✔️✔️
Affiliates module✔️✔️
White label portal✔️✔️
White label email✔️✔️
Remove ‘Powered by’✔️✔️
Bulk seat pricing✔️
Dedicated account manager✔️
API access✔️

Annual Billing

The four main plans in ManyRequests differ on the annual billing option when it comes to the prices.

So you’ll get everything we’ve just listed, but for cheaper prices:

Starter: $79 per month

Core: $119 per month

Pro: $319 per month

Enterprise: Custom price

Yearly Cost And Savings

Let’s now make a few calculations when it comes to ManyRequests plans.

If you decide to pay on a monthly basis, ManyRequests plans will come out to be:

Starter: $1188 per year

Core: $1788 per year

Pro: $4788 per year

If you decide to pay on an annual basis, the software’s plans will cost you:

Starter: $948

Core: $1428

Pro: $3828

So when switching to annual-based pricing on all the ManyRequests plans, you’re saving around 21%.

Do You Have To Pay For Each User?

ManyRequests structures its pricing on a fixed-fee model. You’re not paying for each user because each plan says exactly how many team members it includes.

The Starter plan includes two team members, the Core plan comes with 5 team accounts, the Pro plan allows for 10 team members. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan has an unlimited number of seats, but you need at least 50 people to secure it in the first place.

At any point in time, you can buy an extra seat in the previous plans for $30 a month per user. 

Free Trial

ManyRequests offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require providing a professional email address, nor credit card details.

What Are You Getting In Return?

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the ManyRequests pricing matter, i.e., what are you actually getting in return for your money?

ManyRequests Features

ManyRequests is not really a project management tool, so for all the project managers out there, you won’t find much reporting, besides the revenue collected through the platform.

Instead, as we already mentioned, ManyRequests focuses mainly on making selling services online and client management easy.

Selling Services

And they do that by allowing you to:

  • Create one-off and recurring services
  • Create intake forms with a drag & drop builder
  • Add checkout to your services
  • Create coupons for discounts
  • Create add-ons to upsell your services
  • Create invoices

Client Portal

ManyRequests’ client portal is simple enough to serve its purpose. Allowing you to manage client requests with appointed statuses and allowing your clients to:

  • See their requests and submit new ones
  • Communicate with your team
  • Access shared files
  • Access their invoices
  • Buy your services

You can also create a client onboarding workflow, suggesting the first tasks your clients should tackle after signing up for your dedicated client portal.


ManyRequests also has an array of integrations you can add to manage clients even more efficiently.

You can connect Slack to send new client notifications and send payments to your accounting software with Zapier. You can also add your own live chat with Intercom, Crisp, Hubspot, or

The platform’s creators are also working on adding new integrations, including Xero, Quickbooks, and more.

ManyRequests Compared To Others

So far, when testing ManyRequests possibilities and comparing it to other tools and platforms, we’ve concluded that it’s pretty efficient and definitely not a feature creep, which we appreciate.

But, unfortunately, for the price it comes with, ManyRequests is not the best option out there.

Some of its main cons that we’ve found were its not-so-modern UI, not the best ease of use, and its features being quite limited when compared with other options.

If you want to see an in-depth analysis of ManyRequests features and see where it exactly falls short, take a look at our comparison articles:

ManyRequests Pricing Compared To Others

Since ManyRequests falls short on some of the functionalities and sometimes can be quite unintuitive, investing in it may not exactly feel like the best option.

That’s why we want to mention a more affordable software!

Zendo As The More Affordable Option

Using Zendo, you’ll get a great client portal that’s based on a simple-to-use chat that combines messages with clients, with emojis, mentions, private team notes, quotes, invoices, payment requests, and payments, serving as your main area of operations.

ManyRequests pricing analysis: Zendo as our proposition

But you’ll also be able to easily create productized, custom, free, and even subscription services that you can combine with order forms, add-ons, invoices, quotes, customizable workflows, and more!

The services you create can be shared with clients individually or through a collective Service Catalog that displays all your services and lets your customers place orders easily.

Zendo's Service Catalog example

How Much Cheaper Is Zendo From ManyRequests?

Besides many useful features for selling services online, a powerful chat for client & team communication, many white-label options, modern designs, and extreme ease of use, Zendo is also very affordable.

To be more precise, Zendo comes with three plans:

Starter: completely FREE for up to two agents

Growth: $23 per month, per user with all the Starter plan features and a custom domain ($19 per month, per user when billed annually)

Enterprise: custom development solution for a custom price

Let’s now compare both tools’ annual billing so that you can really see the difference.

STARTERFREE (2 seats)$79 (2 seats)
COREx$119 (5 seats)
GROWTH/PRO$228 (10 seats) $319 (10 seats)

If we were to compare Zendo’s Growth plan with ManyRequests’ Pro plan exactly per the number of users, Zendo is still $91/mo cheaper. Because 10 users on the Zendo’s Growth plan comes out to be $230 each month, whereas ManyRequests’ Pro plan costs $319 per month on annual billing.

What’s more, Zendo doesn’t force you to pay for 10 users. There’s no minimum order quantity on its plans. You can pay for 3, 7 or even just 1 seat if that’s all you need for now.

The Starter plan also serves great as a price comparison, because in Zendo you get all the essential features and 2 agents for free, while ManyRequests’ Starter Plan for 2 team members costs $79.

Final Thoughts On ManyRequests Pricing: Is It Worth It?

ManyRequests pricing falls on the rather expensive side, especially when compared with similar solutions. Although it is a quite useful client portal, ticketing software for selling services, it’s not full of functionalities.

So don’t expect it to cover project management with many reports or similar features. It’s more of a simple platform for selling services online.

Add to that its not-the-most-modern UI, a few complications in the main functionalities, limitations on form creation, the minimum order quantity enforced, and you’ll end up looking for a cheaper solution.

Taking all that into account, ManyRequests may not actually be worth it.

Luckily, there are more affordable options!

Zendo comes as much more cost-efficient, and gives you even more useful features for selling services online, a better UI, ease of use, the possibility to chat with your clients and team members, all for a fraction of the ManyRequests price.

Get Zendo to save some cash!

You can keep $948 in your pocket when switching from the ManyRequests Starter plan to Zendo’s Starter plan, and $1,092 annually when swapping ManyRequests’ Pro plan for Zendo’s Growth plan with 10 users!

The math speaks for itself.

And if you don’t feel like spending a penny, you don’t have to. You can try Zendo for free today using the cost-free Starter plan with 2 agents included and fully test out its possibilities with no time limits lurking behind.

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Frequently Asked Questions: ManyRequests Pricing

What Are ManyRequests’ Subscription Plans?

ManyRequests offers four plans: Starter, Core, Pro, and Enterprise. All come with unlimited clients and requests, and differ mainly in terms of the white-label features you get, the number of team accounts, and their price.

How Much Does ManyRequests Cost?

ManyRequests’ costs differ depending on the plan and billing selected. If you choose monthly billing, you’ll have to pay $1,188 per year for the Starter plan (includes 2 users), $1,788 per year for the Core plan (includes 5 users), and $4,788 per year for the Pore plan (includes 10 users). If you choose annual billing, you’ll be paying $948 for the Starter plan, $1,428 for the Core plan, and $3,828 for the Pro plan. There’s also an Enterprise plan that comes with a custom price.

Does ManyRequests Charge Per User?

ManyRequests does not charge per user, but each plan comes with a stipulated number of users included. For example, the Starter plan includes 2 users, the Core plan includes 5 users, while the Pro plan includes 10 users. The Enterprise has an unlimited number of users included, with the requirement of having at least 50 people on board.. But the stipulated number of users also means that you can’t purchase ManyRequests and pay just for one user, instead you have to take on the costs of all the users included, even if you don’t plan on using them.

Is There Software Similar To ManyRequests?

There is software similar to ManyRequests. The most alike is SPP — Service Provider Pro, and SPP is even a bit more intuitive and extensive than ManyRequests, but the price is exactly the same in both tools. But there’s also Zendo, which is a software that makes it possible to create and sell your services online, from custom to productized, and subscriptions. You get more useful features, such as customizable workflows, statuses, a powerful chat for client & team communication packed into modern designs for professional-looking and easy-to-use tool. Plus, Zendo is much more affordable with its Starter plan being completely free, forever, and the Growth plan costing just $19 per user, on annual billing. There’s also no minimum order quantity, meaning that you can pay just for one user if that’s what suits your needs!

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