Payments & Invoicing

Increase Conversion With Built In Payments

Increase Conversion With Built In Payments
Increase your conversion
Instant payments

Send quotes & offers without leaving the communication flow. That way customers can pay you right away. This convenience has a great effect on the conversion rate!

Automatically generate invoices

We use Stripe as the payment provider and because of that, we can automatically generate invoices for you and your customers upon payment. No more busywork with manually generated invoices.

Sell in a way that suits your business

We support different models of selling services so you can choose the one that suits you.

Custom services

Do you require an estimation each time? With a custom service model, you can easily send a quote right from the communication feed.

One-off services

Are you into productized services or maybe packages of hours? One-off services have a predefined price, so they are easy for your customers to order.

Recurring services

Want to sell subscriptions? With recurring services this is easy! Just set a price and a renewal frequency.*

*Coming soon.

Service Catalog with Order Page
Service Catalog & Order Page

You can create customized order pages for each request type and services catalog for your clients. To learn more see this.

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