Release Notes

We believe in simplicity, but definitely don’t believe in lack of growth.

The Release Notes page lets you easily track our work on improving Zendo and see all the new features and tweaks in a nutshell.

PS. We love receiving your feedback and do our best to add the features you’d wish to see in Zendo. So make sure to reach out to us to share your thoughts and help us build something meaningful together!

What’s New?

October 2022


Now you can mention your team members in conversation threads to get their attention. Note that all agents and watchers mentioned will be by default assigned to the specific Request.

Custom Domains

If you’re a Growth or Enterprise Zendo user, you can now connect your own domain to your Zendo workspace.

Your clients will get a more trustworthy and professional experience when using your client portal and you will get all the benefits of Zendo while remaining consistent with your brand!

September 2022

Free Forever Plan

Our Starter Plan is now entirely free! Teams of up to two agents with an unlimited number of watchers can now enjoy Zendo for free with no time limits breathing down their necks.

Archiving Feature Added

You can now easily archive unneeded Requests with a click of the button.

Don’t worry though! You can still view the archived Requests by filtering your workspace to specifically show the archived conversations. Or, for a more handy access, create a global or private View for all your archived Requests.

If you wish to bring the archived conversations back to their place, use the Restore option that’s easily reachable right at top of the archived chat box.

Personalized Help Center

Swap the Zendo’s Help Center link for your own Knowledge Base link to ensure a personalized experience for your clients. The new Help Center link will be visible to both your agents and customers, whereas it’s the workspace owners who will be able to see the original link to Zendo’s Help Center as well.

Improved Visibility of a New Request/Order Button

A new Create Request button for your clients has been added to Zendo to make it much more visible and accessible! This makes submitting new requests easier for all your logged into Zendo customers.

Invite Only

You can now configure your Zendo workspace in such a way to allow submitting new requests only by the invited to Zendo customers.

August 2022

Demo Content

You can now get a clear view of all Zendo’s possibilities by reading our demo content featuring iconic movie characters, including Obi-Wan, Mad Max, and Agent Smith to see Zendo in full action!

Learn about Zendo’s features and how to use them to get the most out of our software.

July 2022


Allow you to easily filter out your Requests by type and view only those you’re interested in!

Views Manager

You can now make a private set of filters for future use or a sharable filters configuration for your team. Keep your Requests organized and view them the way you want.

May – June 2022

New Views Added

You can now view your Requests in a Kanban or Table view on top of the List view.

  • Table view: gives you a detailed overview of all your Requests with the most crucial information available upfront
  • Kanban view: gives you a helicopter view of all your Requests with a status-based focus and a distinction between each Request type
Use Zendo in Spanish!

A Spanish translation of Zendo has been added, on top of Polish, Italian, and English language options.

March – April 2022

Productization Features

A set of new features introduced to help with an easy productization of your services! You can now set up the following when creating a new Request Type:

  • One-time payment: so that you can receive the payment for your productized service upfront, just like for selling a product!
  • Order form fields: to help your clients predefine and personalize the service they want to order when completing the Order Page
  • Addons for your services: so that your customers can add more items/services to their order in the Order Page

February 2022

Subscription Model

Zendo is now based on a subscription model, offering a three-tier plan to all users!

January 2022

Order Page

Your clients can now easily order your services, send support requests, ask for an estimation, or simply reach out using the Zendo Order Page.

December 2021

Follow-Up Message

You can set automatic initial messages that will be sent to your customers right after they pose a new Request.

November 2021

Multiple Logos

You can now use a separate logo for both screen size and email!

Inviting Clients

You can now invite your clients to your Zendo platform via email.

October 2021

Zendo Translated

You can now use Zendo in English, Polish, and Italian!

September 2021

Onboarding Tour

We’ve created an onboarding tour to help you get comfortable with Zendo right after signing up with simple to follow lessons.

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