Better Teamwork With Client Organizations Unlocked

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Zendo is well-known for supporting whole teams on their journey to selling superior online services. 

From an all-powerful chat with internal notes to different roles & permissions, Zendo does its best to give teams as many tools as necessary to facilitate seamless teamwork. 

But the clients were alone. 

If they wanted to introduce their whole team and work on requests all together, they couldn’t, because each request was assigned to one client only.

For some people, that was a huge obstacle. It made communication more complicated than it should have been — after all, once a client talked to the vendor, they had to pass on all the information to their colleagues.

As you can imagine, it’s a straight road to misunderstandings, omissions, and lost information.

That’s why we’ve decided to introduce a new feature, organizations, which essentially allows clients to make teams!

Client Organizations In Action

Screenshot of Zendo's organization tab.

Each client can create one organization, of which they’ll be the owner of. But they can belong to many different organizations at the same time, which they can leave anytime.

If your client’s team is big enough to involve different roles — from designers and web developers to marketers — each can have their own team and invite a project manager to oversee all of them.

Once someone creates or joins an organization, all their data — such as requests or files — will be moved to the organization, allowing other members to access them. This way, everyone in the organization has the same data and can work together in a transparent environment. 

Most importantly, everyone in the organization can see all the requests and discuss them together in chat, along with the vendor’s team. Now, everyone can stay on the same page, which is especially important to teams with more than one decision maker.

Screenshot of Zendo's conversation in Request.

The overall benefits are:

  • Clients can now work in teams,
  • Decisions can be made faster,
  • Reaching out to the vendor has never been easier,
  • Everyone has access to the same files,
  • Everyone can participate in conversations,
  • Increased productivity and efficiency,
  • Increased transparency & better teamwork. 

Not Part Of Zendo Yet?

Then you’re missing out on spoiling your clients rotten with superior customer service delivered in an elegant package.

By investing in Zendo, you get simplified internal processes that support you in your mission, instead of hindering you with technical difficulties. You can enjoy an all-powerful chat, where most of the magic happens — from sending quotes and issuing invoices to finalizing payments with just a few clicks.

If you’re selling productized, custom, or subscription-based services, you should consider Zendo as your next investment. 

Best news yet — it’ll only require your time at the start. The first subscription plan is entirely free, so sign up today!

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