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We have kept the same Zendo pricing since we launched our MVP in 2020. It is time to change that. We want our product to be affordable, but we also want to be able to keep the pace of delivering features to our fantastic clients, and for that, we need to charge accordingly.

From the beginning, we focused on the per-seat pricing and didn’t want to bundle seats as our competition did to increase prices. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for ten seats when you are alone because you want a specific feature. That doesn’t mean that the higher tier shouldn’t have some “nice to have” features 😉

Over the months, we came up with many different pricing strategies, but ultimately, we are sticking to the seat pricing with a caveat. Our most popular plan will have a base + per seat cost. Additionally, we are introducing an unlimited plan where you pay a flat fee and do not have to worry about seats. 

We are sticking to our guns and keeping our entry tier FREE. We want to empower all the entrepreneurs out there to be able to start selling and earning money with Zendo without needing to pay us. That is why all the service types and billing options will be free. To simplify things, we are removing the “premium tokens.” No usage limits! 🎉. The free plan will have just one seat with no watchers. That should be enough to get anyone started.

The New Plans

Here is a quick roundup of the new plans:

Essential – Free

  • One internal user,
  • No watchers,
  • No Transaction fees,
  • Storage limit of 5GB,
  • Productized Subscriptions,
  • Productized One-Off Services,
  • Custom Services,
  • Quotes & Invoices,
  • Unlimited Workflows: custom fields, views, statuses, etc.
  • Basic White-Label Features.

Pro – $49/mo

  • Two internal users included (additional users cost $19/mo per seat),
  • Number of watchers = 2x the number of internal users,
  • Advanced White-Label Features,
  • Custom Domain & Email,
  • External Apps,
  • Sidebar Customization,
  • Client Teams/Organizations,
  • Rewardful Integration,
  • Storage limit of 500GB,
  • Zapier Integration (coming soon),
  • Advanced Tax System (coming soon).

Max – $199/mo

  • Unlimited internal users,
  • Unlimited watchers,
  • Storage limit of 5TB,
  • Custom External Apps,
  • Remove “Powered by Zendo”,
  • Public API (coming soon).

You can see the complete list of changes on our new pricing page with a detailed table for easy comparison.

Information For Current Users 

Current users will be migrated to the new plans at the end of 2025. This means that your subscription to Zendo will remain the same until 01/01/2026, unless you upgrade your plan or add seats in the meantime.

If you need further clarification or any assistance, feel free to reach out to us directly.

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