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Article topics we welcome

  • Marketing and sales advice and guides for small business owners
  • Using non-competitive (to Zendo) technology and tools for running an agency
  • Niche, long-tail topics related to Customer Acquisition, Customer Success, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, and Productized Services.

Why would you write for Zendo?

We’re a SaaS startup that increases its online presence over time. We aim to become an all-in-one suite for running a service business. We care about building an engaged community and we care about SEO.

Do you want to increase your exposure and reach new audiences? You’re in the right place.

Guest writing guidelines

Who don’t we accept?

  1. We do not accept content from anonymous writers.
  2. We do not accept content from proxies or SEO agencies.
  3. We do not accept content from people that don’t care about the quality and our audience and are only willing to get a link back to their product or company website.
  4. If you are another “John Smith 777 @ gmail” – thank you, we’re not interested.

Who do we accept?

  1. Real people from real companies who care about becoming real contributors.
  2. People who care about delivering value.
  3. People who are fluent with SEO, but don’t stuff the keywords.
  4. Ideally other SaaS folks and enthusiasts.

Content requirements

  1. The article must be well-researched, and well-written with no grammar errors. Please check our writing style here.
  2. The article should be at least 1200-1500 words+.
  3. A short FAQ/Q&A section will be a nice-to-have.
  4. The article should have a meta description provided.
  5. The article must have a proper heading structure.
  6. The article must be unique. We won’t publish anything that was published elsewhere.
  7. The article may contain external links, but they should come from trusted domains with authority and naturally fit the content.
  8. The article may contain 1-2 do-follow links to your company or your content.

We reserve the right to edit the content before publishing, but we will send you a revision for acceptance.

Author assets

  1. Provide your Author Name
  2. Provide your Short Bio
  3. Provide your Profile Pic (in a separate file)

What does the process for becoming a guest author look like?

  1. Reach out to us via our contact form.
  2. Propose your content ideas.
  3. We’ll discuss the potential article.
  4. Share your article by sending a Google Doc link with public sharing options.
  5. Our content team will review the article, and provide feedback in comments or suggestions in the suggesting mode.
  6. Once you accept our suggestion, we will schedule a design for the header image and publish the article on our blog.
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