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All Your Communication In One Place

Reach your customers where they are_
Reach your customers where they are

With Zendo, all customer communication is stored in one place, no matter the source. Connect your email inboxes, contact forms, and other sources supporting Zapier (coming soon).

You don’t have to change the behavior of your users, they can still answer you from their inbox. For them, using Zendo is optional.

Work together on the same communication feed

Working with your teammates on a customer request has never been that easy. Step into a modern communication hub and forget about the Reply All shit storm. No more emails, forwards, CCs and BCCs.

Work together on the same communication feed
Discuss requests without switching apps
Discuss requests without switching apps

Create private notes right inside the client’s request to communicate internally about the task at hand. No more switching tools to discuss a task requested by a customer.

Unlimited Watchers

Add stakeholders as watchers so everyone has the same context. The best part is that watchers are free and do not count as seats.

Exchange files

Exchange files without limitations. They are all connected to client requests and the customer profile—no more digging through emails to retrieve a shared file from six months ago. 

Much More

– Emojis,
– Message Status,
– Edit / Delete Messages,
– Mark As Unread,
– Mentions.

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