How to Choose the Right Software for Running an Agency

A Buying Guide.

What will you get?

  • An in-depth look at the problems many businesses face that actually point at the need for software
  • A guide on how to prepare for the process of choosing business management software with a to-do list
  • An explanation of the varied terminology surrounding business management software
  • A comparison of the different software options currently available on the market
  • Actionable checklists for the different stages of the software buying process

Who’s this ebook for?

You’re an agency owner who wants to improve client management

You’re a small business owner who wants to scale up their business

You are a freelancer who wants to quit the freelance marketplace

You’re a business owner who feels the need to systemize their processes

You want to increase your revenue and decrease your work time

You're a business owner who feels overwhelmed by the mess in their email inbox

You want to start productizing your services but lack the proper tools for it and don’t know where to start

You receive a ton of quotes requests and want to streamline the process of dealing with the responses and estimations

No matter if you’ve just had a feeling that something is not quite right in the way you manage your business or you already know for certain that you need to switch things up - this ebook is the right place to start.

See what’s inside!

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We’ve divided our ebook into three chapters, with the first one going through the most common problems many businesses, agencies, and freelancers face. These problems are the 8 signs that point at the need for business management software and will help you decide whether or not you need a software boost.

The second chapter is dedicated to those business owners who already know they need software but aren’t sure how to prepare for choosing the right solution. Here you’ll find actionable to-do lists and a guide on how to get yourself ready for software market research.

The next chapter focuses on the nomenclature surrounding the business management software world and makes it clear what all that terminology means. This part also goes about the comparison of the different software solutions currently available on the market, helping you get a better understanding of what you can get to help your business.

Finally, you’ll reach a practical checklist guiding you through the process of preparing for market research, how to go about choosing the right solution, and a list of critical questions to ask your software provider once you choose one.

After reading this ebook you’ll be able to

  • Identify whether or not you need business management software
  • List your business’ needs that can be met by proper software
  • Prepare for the process of researching and choosing the right software
  • Differentiate between the different kinds of software
  • Compare the different kinds of software available on the market and choose the best option for your business
Frequently asked questions
We are a software development company – Massive Pixel Creation – that has developed the exact type of software we’re discussing in our ebook. We know why we needed to create it and how exactly it improves businesses. What’s more, by sharing our software with the general public, we also had to better understand other market options.

There are quite a few signs pointing at the need for business management software, among the most common ones are lack of free time, organizational issues, email overflow, underdelivering, and more.

Our ebook gives you an insight look at the 8 most common signs that you or your business needs the help of software, clarifying whether or not you’ll have to invest some time in choosing the right solution.

The process of choosing the right software for business management may be a bit more complicated than you might think, especially if you want to choose the absolute best for your needs.

The process includes self-reflection by establishing the needs of your business, setting your budget, measurable objectives, and more. Of course, we go through that process in detail in our newest ebook that guides you through the process of choosing the right business management software.

It sure is!

And that’s because we’ve been there – not knowing how to improve managing your clients and your business. Having come up with the right solution ourselves, we wanted to share what we know about business management software and what’s the best way to choose the right solution.

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