Custom Requests

Custom Requests Tailored To Your Needs

Custom Requests Tailored to your Needs
unlimited request types
Unlimited request types

Create an unlimited number of different request types with their own rules, statuses, custom fields, and payment types. For each service, you can easily create a separate request type or use them more generally for example support, sales, or general inquiry.

Stay always on the same page with statuses

Create custom statuses and use them inside requests to indicate the progress of each request for both your team and your clients. Statuses may even be triggered automatically based on system events.

stay always on the same page with statuses
power up your requests with custom fields
Power up your requests with Custom Fields

Each request type can have an unlimited number of custom fields. They can be used any way you like. For example, to track progress or gather additional information about requests or customers. 


Request type also defines the payment method inside the request type. To learn more see Payments & Invoicing.

Follow-up messages

For each request type, you can set up a custom follow-up message that will be sent to a customer upon receiving a new request from him. 

Easy search & filters

Easily find what you are looking for with dynamic search and smart filters.

One inbox, different sources​

You can gather requests from different sources like your email, contact form, or any app that supports Zapier integration (coming soon). On top of that, each request type comes with its own unique email address that can be connected to any external source.

one inbox, different sources
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